The ten favorite dishes of the French people

Here is the list of the 10 favorite dishes of the French people extracted from the book “Les 100 plats préférés des Français”, based on two studies by TNS Sofres, by the journalist Leslie Gogois:

  1. Le magret de canard: duck breast
  2. les moules frites: mussels and fries
  3. Couscous
  4. La blanquette de veau: veal in white sauce
  5. La côte de boeuf: Beef rib
  6. Le gigot d’agneau: lamb leg
  7. Le steak frites: steak and fries
  8. Le bœuf bourguignon: Burgundy beef stew (beef cooked in a red wine sauce)
  9. la raclette: melted raclette cheese with potatoes and delicatessen
  10. Les tomates farcies: stuffed tomatoes with meat mince (pork and/or beef)

Simply quoting them, it is mouth watering !!!

Eating out an Australian Tradition

Eating out is a part of the Australian Lifestyle.

On average, Australians eat out two or three times a week wether it is in restaurants, pubs, clubs or fast food outlets. An Australian household spend on average $94 a week eating out: that is $4,900 per year.

An underestimated industry

When you thing Australia, the first industries which come to your mind are the mining sector, the agribusiness and the services sector including bank and insurance companies. In fact, eating out is one of the major industries generating more revenue than Australia coal exports. The eating out market generates more than $45 billion per year.

A varied and segmented market

There are more than 85,000 establishments delivering food in Australia.  Fast food represents 34.5% of the total with almost 30,000 outlets. Restaurants account for 25.7% of the market with 21,953 locations. Then come the cafés with 20,502 establishments, 24% of the market. And finally there are 6,983 pubs and bars (8.2%) and 6,413 clubs (7.5%).

Though fast foods represents the biggest part of the market with a revenue of more than $19,9 billion, the major chains (Subway, McDonald’s, KFC and Hungry Jacks) are facing some stagnation with consumers looking for healthier alternatives.

Restaurants revenue was over to $12,9 billion. Cafés generated $7,1 billion. And pubs, bars and clubs accounted for more than $5 billion.