J’M® an ambitious project

The objective of J’M® is to allow Australians regardless of their social environment or their budget to access meals and menus from French gastronomy. Indeed, most of the time, Australians know the French gastronomy through numerous culinary shows on television. However, the few French restaurants located in Australia are gourmet restaurants located in the capital cities, offering very refined dishes and expensive menus. As a result, French cuisine appears elitist and inaccessible to the majority of Australians.

J’M® an ethical investment: an alternative to fast foods

J’M® is an ethical project that proposes to make French cuisine accessible to all Australians by developing a network of restaurants all over the Australian continent, offering affordable, healthy and tasty menus. Indeed, French gastronomy is not limited to extremely refined dishes with expensive ingredients. On a daily basis, French cuisine has many simple but tasty recipes using quality ingredients while remaining economical.

French cuisine is recognised worldwide as a relatively healthy diet. Known as “French Paradox” the French diet model is percieved as particularly healthy and beneficial for health, especially protecting from cardiovascular diseases. By developing a tight network, J’M® aims to eventually constitute a real alternative to fast food and pizza chains omnipresent in Australia.

Thus J’M® constitutes an ethical investment by giving a wide access to meals from the French cuisine to all Australians regardless of their origin, social status or their residence or resort place. As a result, they can enjoy the benefits of a healthy, tasty and affordable diet. J’M® intends to become a healthy, solid and credible alternative to fast foods.

J’M® a profitable project: a proven Business Model

J’M® also aims to become a profitable project. For this, J’M® intends to inspire from the fast food and pizza chains model of development, in Australia and in the World. Thus J’M® will create and expand its network using Franchising. Franchise makes it possible to rapidly develop a large network of restaurants based on a concept and a strong and proven model. The initial investment will be used to create some pilot restaurants that will become models for future franchisees who should be the main investors. As a result, the business model of J’M® is mainly based on franchise revenues such as royalties on turnover, advertising fees and entry fees paid by franchisees.