Making the French gastronomy accessible to Australians

J’M® comes from an observation, from which a concept has been developed along with the creation of a relevant and striking brand.

French gastronomy accessible to all Australians

Even though French gastronomy enjoys an excellent reputation and is widely present in various media, there is still no chain of French restaurants in Australia. Only a few French gourmet restaurants exist mainly in capital cities. But they are mainly addressing a well-off and initiated clientele. Therefore French gastronomy despite its excellent reputation appears elitist and inaccessible to the majority of Australians.

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Tasty, healthy and affordable meals issued from the French gastronomy

Therefore, the goal of J’M® is to create network of franchised restaurant offering healthy, tasty and affordable meals issued or inspired by French gastronomy. For this, J’M® will offer Australians various services from the sale of sandwiches and meals to take away, through a on site fast food offer , to a meal at the restaurant with table service. J’M® aims to be an alternative to fast food and other pizza restaurants by offering similar prices, with dishes made with simple but quality ingredients sourced, from as far as possible, the local agricultural and agro-industrial sectors.

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The J’M® trademark

The brand must express the French origin and the attractiveness or the appetite of Australians for French gastronomy and French products.

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