J’M® Establishing a strong link between Australians and French cuisine

J'm a strong brand for stong ambitions
J’M® an Australian registered trademark

The J’M® brand is a registered trademark in Australia with IP Australia “Trade Marks” section under the filing number 01916588.

The expression J’M and the logo evokes a strong link with France and French culture. JM is the abbreviated version in French of the expression “I love” (or “I like”) which evokes a strong attachment to a thing, or a person. The use of the verb to love in the first person singular evokes the strong involvement of the person, the client. The tricolor logo blue, white, red, recalls the colors of the French flag and incidentally of the Australian flag. However, the hexagonal shape of the logo reinforces the French identity of the brand.

J’M® : a brand for French restaurants in Australia

J’M® is a registered trademark in class 43 of the Nice Classification which covers food services and temporary accommodation.

According to the explanatory note of the INPI: “Class 43 essentially comprises the services rendered by persons or establishments whose purpose is to prepare food or beverages for consumption as well as services rendered by providing lodging, lodging and catering from hotels, boarding houses or other establishments providing temporary accommodation. ”

J’M® Trademak in details

The services of IP Australia offers a registration procedure with the possibility to choose the goods or services that you want to attach to a brand in a pre-established list (picklist).

Thus the brand J’M® is filed with the following list of services in class 43 (Nice Classification):
Class 43 :
Booking of restaurant places; Booking of restaurant seats; Provision of information relating to restaurants; Provision of restaurant booking or reservations from customer loyalty and frequent buyer schemes; Rental of cooking equipment for restaurants; Restaurant booking or reservation services provided in relation to a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; Restaurant booking or reservation services provided in relation to a frequent flyer scheme; Restaurant booking or reservation services provided in relation to frequent flyer schemes; Restaurant reservation services; Restaurant services; Restaurant services for the provision of fast food; Restaurants; Salad bar restaurant services; Self-service restaurants; Cafe services; Cafes; Cafeteria services; Cafeterias; Internet cafe services (provision of food and drink prepared for consumption); Self-service cafeteria services; Bakery services; Preparation of take-away and fast food; Take away food services; Advisory services relating to catering; Booking of catering services; Business catering services; Catering services; Catering services for the provision of coffee for offices; Contract catering services; Food and drink catering; Hotel catering services; Mobile catering services; Office catering services for the provision of coffee; Rental of meeting rooms; Tea room services; Rental of rooms for social functions; Provision of conference facilities; Provision of facilities for conventions; Wine bar services; Wine club services (the provision of drink); Wine tasting services (provision of beverages); Arranging for the provision of meals; Arranging of meals; Preparation of meals; Reservation of meals; Arranging for the provision of food; Arranging of wedding receptions (food and drink); Coffee bar and coffee house services (provision of food and drink); Consultancy services relating to food; Consultancy services relating to food preparation; Consultancy, advisory and information services in relation to the provision of food and drink; Consultation services relating to food; Food cooking services; Food hygiene services; Food preparation; Food sculpting; Hospitality services (food and drink); Preparation of food and drink; Providing food and drink; Providing information, including online, about services for providing food and drink, and temporary accommodation; Provision of carry out foods and beverages; Provision of information relating to the preparation of food and drink; Rental of food service apparatus; Snack bars (provision of food and drink); Take out food and beverage services; Takeaway food and drink services; Rental of crockery; Advice concerning cooking recipes; Cooking services; Rental of cooking apparatus; Ice cream parlour services; Cake baking; Bar services; Snack-bars

More about J’M® Trademark

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