J’M® making French cuisine accessible to Australians

J’M® proposes to make French gastronomy accessible to all Australians, whatever their budget, their social or family environment. JM® intends to inspire from fast food chains development model . Thus, the J’M® concept wants to develop a chain of restaurants using the lever of the franchise. Indeed, franchise allows to quickly create a network of companies according to a model, a pre-established and standardized concept.

To meet to the consumption habits of Australians and to face the competition, J’M® intends to build a varied offer from sandwiches and other takeaways products, to a restaurant offer with table service. In terms of budget, the basic offer should be between AUD 5.00 and AUD 20.00 depending on whether you have a sandwich or a meal served at the table.

Vision and Mission of  J’M®

The vision of J’M® is to give Australians access to affordable, tasty and healthy meals, sourced from rich and varied French gastronomy.

The mission of J’M® is to make French meals daily accessible – available and affordable – by the majority of the population in Australia by creating a network of every day family restaurants.

Clearly the goal of J’M® is to offer Australians affordable, tasty, healthy French meals. Indeed French cuisine is rich in simple recipes, using basic and inexpensive ingredients. J’M® proposes to create a quality offer accessible to all Australians in terms of budget and taste, far from clichés associated with French gastronomy such as snails, frog legs or foie gras.